Strength Essentials Training Log- Final Week Daily Dose Deadlift

The daily dose deadlift program is complete.


It feels good to stick to a plan until the end.

That said, I'm glad it's over.

Deadlifts have never been my favorite lift, but I've learned to like them a little more.

With the semi-sumo stance deadlift I've found it to be a good middle ground between sumo and conventional stance (both which I've had separate challenges with).

I used straps for the first time ever on my top sets of deadlifts this week and set a new PR with the semi-sumo stance.

On to the week in review-

Monday- Press 160x1, 150 3x5/ Close-grip Bench 185 3x5

Tuesday- Squat 285x1, 265 3x4, 225x5

Wednesday- loadeds carries/bodyweight work

Thursday- Bench 225x3, 215 4x3/ Press 125 3x5

Friday- Squat 245x5,240x5,5/ Semi-sumo Deadlift 375x1 (PR)

Saturday- bodyweight work

Training notes-

-Press went well to start the week. Moving up a few lbs. at a time.

-Squat is nowhere near where it should be but it's slowly improving. Need more volume but not until my knee calms down.

-Mixed in some carries this week with kettlebells and bodyweight circuits. Good active recovery workout.

-Bench moving up slowly. Feeling stronger with solid form (focus on keeping shoulders down and chest up)

-Semi-sumo Deadlift felt smooth. First time using the straps for pulling so it was a bit of an adjustment but it helped for sure. I had about another 10 lbs. in the tank.

Most I've ever pulled conventional is 405 and sumo 415 (both over 2 years ago). I guessed my semi-sumo max was about 345, which was about right I think.

The daily dose deadlift program was a success, as I added about 30 lbs. to my 1rm.

Along the way I played around with squat stance, bar placement and dinged up my knee, which was affected a little bit with the semi-sumo stance.

- nutrition notes- Not much to report here. Sticking to only a few foods that give me what I need (meat, white rice, chicken stock, eggs, sausage, coffee - black)

What's next?

Now that I've completed the daily dose deadlift program, I am going to stick with a 4 day upper/lower split with deadlifts only on 1 day heavy.

Squats will be twice a week (one heavy/one light), Bench twice a week and Press also twice a week.

Increasing volume on the Squat, Press, Bench with rotating rep ranges and also cycling the volume.

Thanks for following along my strength journey. Always a work in progress.

I hope yours is moving in the right direction also.

If not, get in touch and I can help you start making gains again.