Strength Essentials Training Log Week 11

It's the final week of Daily Dose Deadlift.

I've completed many programs in almost two decades of training. The end is usually a combination of relief/excitement to see the culmination of the work put in.

On Friday, I went for a new max on Semi-Sumo Deadlifts and found my grip was limiting my pull.

The most I have pulled before Friday with the semi-sumo stance was 315. My grip (double overhand) had no trouble pulling that weight for 4-5 singles.

Friday I got to 355 (double overhand) with no chalk and got the rep but the bar was slipping from my hands.

I had at least another 10-15 lbs. in me but I called it a day.

Since that was supposed to be the final day of the daily dose program and I know I can pull more if I have chalk or straps, I decided to wait 5 days then go for a new max again.

Here's the week in review-

Monday- Press 170x1, 135x7,7, 125x7/ Semi-sumo DL 255 4x1/ Close-grip Bench 165x5,190x4,185x5

Tuesday- Squat 275x1, 265x4,4, 245x5/ Deadlift 255 5x1

Wednesday- Bike

Thursday- Bench 225x1, 210 3x4/ Press 135x2, 115x7,7

Friday- Squat 235x5,245x5,225x5/ Semi-sumo DL 275, 295, 315,335,355x1


A good week overall. Press and Bench keep moving up slowly. Squat form is improving and will pay off when the weight gets heavier again.

Also did more pushups/bodyweight movement throughout the days. Especially in the morning and after sitting awhile.

I've never used straps for deadlifts but I am considering it this week.

I have only used them for front squats when I couldn't hold the bar normal due to shoulder pain.

Should be interesting to see how much more I can lift with a little bit of help from the straps. My guess is it will be 15-20 more pounds.

For anyone new to my blog, here's a quick review of my program-

4 day upper/lower split

One day "heavy" for each lift.

Following the daily dose deadlift program until completion (this week)

Adding weight to the bar each week, and also rotating rep ranges from 3-8 generally.

Thanks for following along my journey to get bigger and stronger.

-Diet notes-

Been strict with diet this past week as I try to eliminate my sinus/allergy issues or at least reduce them as much as possible without medication.

I live with a lab and I am sensitive to animal fur/dander so I am trying to work around this.

One challenge I have found is eating enough of the foods that don't make my sinus/allergy worse- basically meat and rice and a few select fruits/veggies.

I've had an issue with most dairy products the past few years so I have taken out creamer from coffee and no greek yogurt. Also trying to reduce egg consumption to see if that helps.

Some people may think I'm nuts but I enjoy this process of learning about myself and what makes me feel strong and full of energy and what foods hold me down, cause bloating, digestion issues, sinus problems etc..

Onwards and upwards to another week.

I'll be 40 years old in a year. I want to be stronger than ever at that age.

Hope your training is going well!