Strength Essentials Training Log-Upper/lower split

Hey guys,

usually I post this training log on Saturday or Sunday but I was out of town on a road trip with my girlfriend so it got delayed.

The good thing about sharing my training log is that it holds me accountable.

Even more so than if I just wrote it down on paper.

So here is last week's training.

Monday- Press 165x1, 155 3x5/ Close-grip Bench 195 3x5

Tuesday- Squat 290x1, 265 4x4, RDL 225,235,245x5

Wednesday- bodyweight/carries

Thursday- Bench 230x3, 215x5,4,4/ Press 120x8

Friday- Squat 250 3x5, Deadlift 300x3, 275x3,3

Training notes-

-Press is moving up. Adding a heavier single each week and the volume work is also increasing in weight. Close-grip Benches feel very strong.

-Squats are still a work in progress as I deal with some knee pain. Nothing major but just enough that I am moving my stance around, and paying much more attention to where my knees go during the squat. I'm finding more of a sit-back is better right now. No surprise there. Only trouble is I can't get my quads into the movement as much as I'd like but I have to deal with it right now.

-Bench moving up slow and steady. I'm pleased with the progress even if it's at a small pace each week. Sets of 8 on the Press were a nice change of pace.

-Deadlifts- went back to conventional this week. Not sure I'm going to stick with it. I really like the semi-sumo stance but I just wanted to try out conventional again and see how it went. Most likely going back to semi-sumo next week as it really feels most natural to me for my build. If you don't know I'm 6'3" with long femurs and I've struggled with conventional deadlifts most due to my lower back taking over and it's not ideal for me.

-Light squats were solid as I moved my stance out wider and it felt nice to really keep my hips in the movement and not have any knee issues. Playing with my foot flare also. When I kept my feet straighter I felt much more stable and powerful so that's something I'm going to be mindful of, as well.

-Weight is up to 210 after a a weekend away from home and my normal diet. I'm aiming to get back to 220, short-term. Long term I want to get up to a solid 240 and stronger than ever.

I hope your training is going well. As always, shoot me any questions you have about your own training split.

I'm also working on a new e-book which is all about helping tall skinny guys get bigger and stronger without wasting time and money on supplements and the wrong programs. I will keep you posted when it's available.

Thanks for reading.