Strength Essentials Training Log

A few days late here on my training log but that's the good thing about having this blog to keep me accountable.

Last week was a solid week of training. Most of the lifts are moving in the right direction and I'm starting to put on some weight again.

I have a friend who is on a quest to Press 200 lbs. overhead so I decided to join him in a little challenge.

We shall see who gets there first!

Challenges are good, especially if you find someone who is close to your level of strength/fitness.

Monday- Press 170x1, 160x4,4,4, 145x5/ Close-grip Bench 200 3x5

Tuesday- Squat 295x1, 275x3,3,3,3/ Semi-sumo Deadlift 275x1, 255 3x3

Wednesday- Bodyweight

Thursday- Bench 235x2, 225x4,4, 215x5/ Press 125 2x8

Friday- Squat 255x4, 245x4, 235x4/ Semi-sumo Deadlift 285 4,4,4

Saturday- sled dragging

For anyone who isn't familiar with my training, I am using a 4 day upper/lower split right now. It's also called a Heavy/Light 4 day split.

Each of the 4 days has 1 of the big lifts as the focus. That lift gets the most stress of the day and is considered "heavy" even if it's not a 1 rep max but more volume work.

The other lift after the main lift is less stress by using lighter weight or doing a variation that is by its nature, lighter. (close-grip bench, Romanian Deadlift, Front Squat)

I like working up to a top single and then reducing the weight a bit to get in the volume work. Sometimes I will work up to one heavy set in the 2-4 range and then drop down by 5-10% for my volume work.

I've got some big goals for each lift and they are all moving right now. The squat is giving me the most trouble right now as I've switched from a closer stance to a wider stance, different shoes, different bar position. It's slowly coming around as I stick with it.

I am working on a template that will help you structure your own training. For the guy who is not a total beginner but also not advanced yet.

I will keep you posted when it's completed.