Wake Up Early and GET AFTER IT


I used to hate waking up early.

Then I got a job that required it.

Still didn't like it.

But now I don't even question it.



No one would notice if I slept in.

I'm on a mission.

It starts with the first moment I open my eyes.

That groggy feeling... those first minutes of being uncomfortable..fighting off the urge to hit the snooze or lay in bed for another moment..


I will not let that weakness win the first challenge of the day.

Now, move on to the next challenge.

It feels great to be UP before most of the world.. and to GET AFTER IT..

This concept is different for everyone.

For you it might be getting after it by making a strong breakfast.

Maybe you go for a walk.

Or you write in your journal to get in touch with who you really are and want to BE.

Getting after it is about improvement.

Doing one more rep.

Pushing a little harder.

For me this morning was about getting after it on the bike for thirty minutes.

Find where you are weak and attack.

DO more.

BE more.

Sure you can do it after work or at night.

But will you?

You don't have to go from getting up at 0730 to 0400.

Start with just ten minutes earlier.

Build that up to twenty minutes.

Then thirty...

While no one is watching... that's when you build up your mind AND body.

There's a great sense of satisfaction when you become the UNCOMMON man.

Doing what most WON'T do.. to become ALL you can be.

Becoming an EXCEPTIONAL man.. the leader of your life and inspiring those around you..

That reward is priceless..

It's more important than any weight-loss or muscle-gain or before/after photo.

Stepping INTO your POTENTIAL is a journey you can be proud of and you will know at the end of your life, you gave it all you had.

No one can take that from you.

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