Sunday Mindset/Pullups on Soccer Goal/Silence

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Today's post is going to be all over the place so brace yourself like you're going to squat some big weights.

Sunday Mindset

There's two perspectives on Sunday.

One says- This weekend went too fast. I don't want to go back to work tomorrow. Sunday's are depressing because I hate Monday's.

The other says- I can't wait to get back at it tomorrow. Sunday gives me that feeling of anticipation.

I like to prepare for the week ahead. Get my mind right.

I get a little nervous AND excited to see what challenges come my way tomorrow.

Your mindset has a huge impact on your RESULTS.

Do NOT overlook it, no matter how simplistic it may seem.

Pullups on Soccer Goal

I go through these stages where I don't do pullups or dips.

Then I realize it's been awhile and I need to do them.

Today I decided it was time to bring pullups back into the mix.

Since I don't go to a gym on Sundays, I hit up the park to use the goal for my pullups.

I figured I could get in a walk/get some sunshine/vitamin D AND do some bodyweight exercises all in one trip.

I threw in some pushups and jumping jacks for a bonus.

Plan was four rounds.

So I did five.

Always pushing it to see what I'm made of.

Walk home and hop into a cold shower for five minutes.

The challenge continues. Day 13 of cold-showers. It still sucks at first, but I don't dread it AS much.


I love music. While working out, cooking or driving..

I always have music on in my truck.

Today I decided to drive in silence.

It shifted my awareness and thoughts.

It opened up some creative avenues in my mind.

A good reminder that we need to shake up our routine. AND also that we NEED quiet.

The world is a noisy place. That's why I'm so big on getting outside and walking in nature.

Let your mind breathe.. thoughts come and go.. you might find a new idea or solution to a problem reveals itself.

Embrace the Suck

There's this debate about going ALL-IN with your strengths  OR

ATTACK your weaknesses.

My answer is: BOTH.

I think you should do some of what you are good at and enjoy doing BECAUSE you are good at it and feel strong, proud and proficient..

On the flip side you absolutely NEED to attack your weaknesses.


Right now my strength is The Press. I've overcome shoulder injuries and it feels good to put a good amount of weight overhead.

My weaknesses are my aerobic capacity, my squat, pullups..

All of them have a role in my current program.

Not everything can be perfectly balanced. That's just the way it is.

Priority right now is to EMBRACE the SUCK and get better as I challenge myself with my weak areas.

Need a challenge in your life?

It's time to step up. Take your life to another level by improving your physical AND mental strength.

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