When you feel BROKEN- Go Within


Sometimes you feel broken.

Like you need to take some time off.

Get away from it all.

This is a message from within. It's telling you to pay attention.

Get quiet.

Listen to what your spirit truly wants.

For me this involves a combination of:

-sitting in silence


-walking in nature

-sitting by water or fire



Take Control of Your Mindset

When you feel broken, flip the conversation going on in your head.

Instead of thinking you are stuck.. you don't know what to do.. how can you get over it..

Think GOOD. This is a new challenge.

I get to see what I am made of.

This is an opportunity for me to GROW and feel great SATISFACTION from taking action to improve.

You can feel broken. We all get knocked on our ass in life.

Just get up.

Do what your gut tells you so you can adapt, evolve and grow into the STRONGEST version of yourself.

Being broken is part of the process.

It's how we build muscle.

Your mind is strengthened the same way.

Not by staying in the safe zone but by CHALLENGING yourself.

Every single day.

More than once a day, even.

Constantly striving to see how far you can go.. always a little more..

It's the only way to find what you are truly made of.

EASY does not work.

You know this.

Deep down, you know just what you need to do.

There's no need to ask any more questions or wait for permission.

This is YOUR LIFE!

Are you going to see your potential through? Or are you going to stay in your comfort zone and never know what you were capable of?

You must decide.

Break it down then build it back up STRONGER.

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