Crank UP the Reps & Sets/ Tune out the Pop Music


6 minutes and 30 seconds..

That's when the battery in my headphones died..

I had just over thirteen minutes to go on the bike.

Not a big deal in the grand scheme of life, but I thought it was funny as I was suddenly vulnerable to the awful pop music blaring in the gym.

It got me thinking about what we take for granted.

How we have so many conveniences but none lead to fulfillment or true satisfaction.

My folks would tell me "we just want you to be happy. We don't want you to have to struggle like we did."

I'm grateful for all they went through and sacrificed for the family.

But what's ironic is that the the most joy and satisfaction I've felt in my life has ALWAYS come from STRUGGLE.

Overcoming challenges.

It's an important lesson.

We don't gain true freedom, joy, fulfillment from a life of ease and comfort.

We need the STRUGGLE.

The pain, strain and hard work.

Like this morning-

My strength training consisted of Dumbbell Rows and then the bike. (with awful music blaring)

I haven't done DB Rows in months so I was rusty.

Working up to a weight I could get ten reps with, I decided it was time to push the envelope.

More sets. More volume.

It wasn't about lifting the most weight but doing WORK.

Minimal rest between sets and pumping away at the reps.

Ended up doing nine work sets.

My lats, upper back, forearms and biceps were DONE.

A good mental challenge, as my body is not used to that amount of work in that time.

Simple. Effective. To the point.

The more intuitive my training is, the more I enjoy the process.

Often overlooked, but a key to training longevity.

I don't love working out. But I know I must do it.

If I blindly follow someone else's plan I lose that edge.

Not everyone has this constant yearning to create as I do and that's ok..

But I think it's useful to have a little bit of your own flavor in your training.

Only YOU know what TRULY makes you TICK.

When you can tap into that FLOW, you will find your training takes on new meaning.

You embark on a path never traveled before.

The wilderness.

No manual to show you every single step.

There may be a map, or general guide.. but YOU are the LEADER, the rebel on your own journey to strength in body, mind and soul.

I hope you are attacking it today!


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