When Your Workout Plan FALLS APART

While I lay down to sleep I like to visualize my future.

It's a technique I learned from a few different people: Bill Starr and Wayne Dyer. (each has a different focus but similar concept)

I go through my long-term vision, where I wanna be, what I want to accomplish; then work my way back to visualize tomorrow's workout.

Last night was no different, but this morning I had to do a totally different workout than I had planned.


Well, it's one of the downsides to training at a commercial gym.

Monday's are notoriously busy at these gyms. Today was no exception

All the racks were being used for the ENTIRE time I was at the gym.

My plan was to Press a new PR!

It was not to be today...

So I went for plan B, which is really the only option I had: Bench Press.

Luckily, there was a bench open. As you may know, Monday is international Bench Press day for the bro's.

Normally I do my Press first then do some lighter Bench Press with a close-grip on Mondays. I decided to just do the CLose-grip Bench and do some extra volume.

Was it ideal? Nope.

I was annoyed but I showed up and did some work.

I'll just re-arrange my schedule this week, no big deal.

The message I want to convey here is that your workout plan may fall apart.

If you train at a commercial gym, you have to adjust.

Injuries happen. Be prepared to work around them.

Learn to show up NO MATTER WHAT. There's always something productive you can do, even if it's not what you wanted.

Plans are good, but don't get freaked out if you have to change them at the last minute.

If you need help putting together a plan, take a look at

my customized training programs.

I write out all your workouts for the month, with specific numbers on the lifts so you know just what to do.

I also give you options so if your plan falls apart like mine today, you know JUST what to do!