Sometimes you gotta crawl


“You gotta CRAWL!”

That’s what I said to my friend who was wondering how we got through the brush into the woods.

It was an honest answer but it was a phrase that stuck with me for many years.

Sometimes in life, you gotta crawl.

Life will knock you on your ass. How do you respond?

You might get up and try to run.. but maybe you can’t… maybe it’s slippery.. maybe you can’t walk even…

You may have to crawl.

A few years back I had an achilles injury that made walking extremely painful. I had to avoid all lower body exercise, especially walking/running.

The only movement I could do for my lower body that didn’t hurt was riding the stationary bike.


The bike is boring and I never enjoyed cardio, but I had to do SOMETHING besides just lifting for my upper body.

Injuries have a way of humbling us.

They can also be great teachers.

What you learn is that you will have to overcome a new obstacle. It will hurt physically AND mentally.

The mental aspect is often overlooked but a fundamental element to give your attention to.

How can you use the injury to become better?

Learn from it so you don’t suffer the same problem. Let the pain guide you to become stronger in body AND MIND.

Life will hit you with some jolts when you least expect it.

How do you respond?

The way you handle the obstacles will determine if you become the strongest version of yourself.




Rebel fitness was born- from 20 years of experience training in gyms.

Daily workouts to keep you disciplined.

You don’t need REST days.

You need accountability and consistency.

Each day you will do something physical.

This program is my solution for your boredom and plateaus.

No longer will you get STUCK because you aren’t limited to just squats, bench and deadlifts.

If you aren’t making progress in one area, there are other areas you will attack.

This plan makes sure you are always improving on SOMETHING.

Constant and never-ending improvement (kaizen) is motivating.

Your confidence will rise as you train your body AND mind to become the strongest version of yourself.

This program is for you if you are a different breed. You walk to the beat of your own drum.

You walk the road LESS traveled.

Where everyone else goes, you go the opposite way.

That’s one element that has defined my life. Never following the herd. Always making my own way. That’s what this plan is all about.

For you if you can never stick with a program for long.

You wonder why others get such great results where you don’t.

Most workout programs don’t excite you.

You need something that allows you some flexibility and freedom to work around your busy lifestyle.

Yet you also need a little structure to keep you focused and on target with your goals.

REBEL FITNESS is for you.

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