Do you skip a workout when you have no time?


Yesterday was a busy day.

It’s been one of those weeks.

I almost didn’t get in my daily walk and workout.

It was dark and snowing and I had about 12 minutes before I had to drive across town to see my daughter’s chorus performance.

There, in my mind, was a battle.

Between weakness and strength.

Who would win?

No one else would know if I skipped my workout.

Except me.

When I go to bed at night I need to know I took care of my essentials.

Daily walk. Workout. Write a blog post.

The essentials.

Everything else will come and go. Plenty will change. New tasks, new jobs, new adventures and responsibilities and projects..

If I go to bed knowing I didn’t complete my essentials, I am angry at myself.

Am I hard on myself? Yes, I am.

It’s one reason I stay on top of my fitness and health and any other priority.

I don’t “let myself off the hook” as the late Dennis Green once said.

What can you do in 12 minutes?


All I used was a jump rope and trx straps for a 12 minute fury.

Felt great.

Just before the workout I was feeling a bit drowsy and I had a long ride ahead of me.

That 12 minutes FIRED ME UP!

Not because it was anything special or fancy in terms of workout equipment or exercise selection.

What got me amped up was the fact that I overcame the obstacle. I won.

Every win builds momentum.

I’ve been consistently performing my essentials every day since the final day of my summer vacation in July.

That was the last time I missed a workout and writing a blog post.

Sure, I had a reason as I was stuck in a car for 15 hours but that’s an excuse. I still had a few hours I could have done something.

Is that harsh?

Maybe.. but it’s a tough world. From what I’ve been through, I’ll take every ounce of mental toughness I can get.

There’s always another beast around the corner just waiting for you to let your guard down.

Better to be ready than weak.

So to summarize-

No, don’t skip the workout if you have “no time”.. even 12 minutes is enough to get in SOMETHING.

These days, I’m enjoying the quick workouts spread out over the day.

Sometimes I do three in a day- each 10-15 minutes.

It’s a different challenge than I’m used to, which is good. Makes me feel like I’m ready to ROCK at a moment’s notice.




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