2 Lift Workout

2 Lifts Per Day

Try this workout- It's quick, gets right to the point, and packs a mean punch.-

Deadlift/ Overhead Press

That's it.

Simple and effective. Do NOT overlook how powerful this is.

Make sure you get warmed up first. Do some calisthenics/body weight exercises for 5 minutes non-stop. Get the heart rate up, the blood pumping and the body temperature turned up.

You can do any rep/set scheme you like. Today I did 3 sets of 5 on Trap Bar Deadlifts followed by 5 sets of 10 reps Overhead Pressing.

Use a barbell, or dumbbells, kettlebells.

Just get it done.

The workout should take 30-40 minutes if you are pushing yourself hard and take appropriate rest periods for the strength work.

Further proof that you don't need a fancy gym or a lot of time to get in a super training session.

Once again, do NOT be fooled by the simplicity of this workout. You can do 2 lifts each day for the entire week if you wanted.

It's great because you don't feel spent after the session. You leave a little in the tank and you can make nice progress this way, from one week to the next.

2Lift Workouts- Try them and have some fun with it. Mix up the variations you use and the set/reps.