4 Greatest conditioning workouts to get lean and keep your strength


The top 4 Conditioning workouts to get lean and keep your strength

1- Sled dragging

-If you have never pulled a sled you are missing out. You will get into great condition but you will also feel like a total BADASS while you drag that weight around the grass or parking lot.

2- Hill sprints

-Speaking of feeling like a bad-ass, running up a hill as fast as you can will conjure up images of Walter Peyton and Jerry Rice. Yep, they used hill sprints to get into phenomenal shape and build crazy leg strength and stamina.

3- Stair running

-Similar to hill sprints, running stairs is tough. As you know, the hardest activities usually produce the GREATEST results. These will get your body LEAN and MEAN.

4- Jump rope

-When is the last time you skipped rope for ten minutes? It your answer is “uhhh, maybe in grade school?” Then prepare to be humbled. You don’t need a fancy rope either. The good old-fashioned kind you have somewhere in your basement or garage still works great.

BONUS Conditioning workout


I love hill sprints but regular sprints are also super effective. Just be sure to start slow and don’t try to run like you’re back on the highschool track team. Go slow and ramp up your speed over time.

Flat-ground sprints can lead to pulled muscles easily if you don’t warm up properly or you run too fast too soon.

Be smart about it and reap the rewards of this primal movement.

Putting it all together

How do you put together an effective conditioning plan?

You need to keep it simple.

Don’t try to do everything all at once. You’ll end up overwhelmed and asking what you did wrong after two weeks.

This is what you do:

Pick one or two conditioning methods.

Let’s say you choose sled dragging and jump rope.

One day you do sled dragging for 10-15 minutes after your regular training OR on a active recovery day.

The other day skip the rope for 10 minutes or more after your regular workout or on another day away from strength training.

If you haven’t been performing any conditioning in awhile, start with 10 minutes for each workout. That will be plenty for the first week or two.

After your body adapts you can add more.

Work your way up to doing 3-4 sessions per week if you want to get in TIP-TOP shape.

These methods will get your lean without sacrificing all your strength. Just don’t overdo it, or you will have to back off your strength training.

As the old saying goes “you can only serve one master”. If your priority is getting into the best condition of your life, then your strength training will have to take a back seat for a little while.

Prioritize and keep it simple.

Get after it.


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