Your build momentum by overcoming resistance


Sunday morning.

Wake up and get outside.

The past few weeks have been mostly upper body calisthenics. Chin-ups, dips, pushups, pullups..

Not today.

I am healing up my shoulder from just over a week ago when I thought I was superman while moving a dresser.

I’m not doing any upper body training right now until it heals.

But we can’t let those setbacks hold us back.

Nothing can stop us.

We get up and get after it.


Instead of my Sunday chin-ups and pushups I ran the stairs and did a lower body calisthenics workout.

Not the workout I wanted to do at all but what always happens is once I get moving, I go to another level.

Once you start, you develop momentum.

But you MUST start.

That momentum does not come without your effort.

You BUILD it. Your mind overcomes the resistance.

The resistance that tells you to stay inside. Stay comfortable. Don’t go out there when it’s cold and dark. No one else is out there. Why do YOU need to?

Every day we must fight that resistance. That little weak voice that tries to convince us to stay comfortable.

We have to constantly work at it.

It doesn’t come easy, even if it looks like it for other people.

They are fighting their own demons, believe me.

We all have doubts, fears, a desire to stay safe, to avoid what hurts and what is hard and uncomfortable.


Take it upon yourself to battle. It’s your life battle. Never back down.

Each step of each day you either build yourself UP or you get weaker.

Bodyweight Training in Nature

My view this morning was trees and water. Grass, leaves and snow..

Much better than being inside the walls of a commercial gym environment.

Not as cozy. No climate controlled temperature. No booming pop music from the speakers..

No one posing in front of the mirror taking selfies..

Outside in nature you have another level to tap into.

The fresh air, wildlife, freedom to move and get creative. No reliance on machines or expensive equipment.

Just your bodyweight, earth and gravity. Pure. Simple. Powerful.

Is it harder to get outside to work out than go to a gym? Maybe.. but only in your mind.

Your mind is the key to strength or weakness.

Every moment, we get to make a choice.

What will it be?


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