Jacob's Ladder/Mental Battles


You know those days when the alarm goes off and you think to yourself "already? I just fell asleep!...it's going to be a long day.."

That was today.

Didn't get enough sleep and felt worn down.

I got up anyway.

Went through my morning routine.

Worked with clients.

Then it was time to get my workout in.

No weights today, "just" cardio and stretching.

Those should be easy days right?

Not for us guys who just wanna lift weights and get out of the gym.

The Mental Battle

As I was changing into my workout clothes I was going back and forth in my mind- should I do the Jacob's Ladder today?

Part of me said NOPE, you went hard this week, take an easy day.

The other half of me said DO IT. Just get through the first couple minutes and see..

I'm sure you can relate to this mental battle.

We all go through it every day.

I got on that Jacob's Ladder and exceeded my last performance.

Now I can look back and be proud that I didn't take the easy route.

If you're not familiar with the Jacob's Ladder- it's a BEAST. You climb with both hands and feet on revolving rungs. Just like a ladder.

It's tough and a good challenge.

Until the NEXT Challenge

I've said before that I love writing. It's true.

But even so, there are some days I just don't feel like it.

Today was one of them.

My brain thought of every possible alternative to sitting down here to write.

Eventually I had to just sit down with the laptop and start.

We have so many of these challenges each day.

The more we face them and do the hard thing, do what we don't want to do.. the more we grow.

It's not easy.

Even though I have been doing it for awhile now, I still have to fight that battle.

Sure, it might become a part of who you ARE and become a habit but at the end of the day, it's till YOU vs. YOU.

No one can do the work for us.

We have to step up and TAKE ACTION.

What's the reward?

When you look in the mirror and know you didn't give in or back down. You stepped UP and overcame that weakness trying to take over your mind.

It's much easier to stay in our comfort zone.

To go "EASY".

We can justify anything we want, but deep down we KNOW we gave ourselves an OUT.

That feeling can haunt you.

Like the great quote says "the pain of discipline lasts a moment, the pain of regret lasts a lifetime."

If you're like me, you want to look back at your life and be proud that you lived to your best capacity.

It's not about never having fun or always being 100% perfect in your discipline.

What it's about is being better than you used to be. Stronger than yesterday. Strong FOR life.

Tonight I will go rucking. It looks like rain is possible.

Do I back down and use rain as an excuse?

Or do I get out there anyway because I won't back down to that mentality that wants us to stay in our comfort zone?

I choose to get uncomfortable.

That's where the GROWTH is.


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