Life doesn't go according to plan

Perfect for DIPS

Perfect for DIPS

Today’s training: Chinups/pushups/squats for 5 rounds followed by more bodyweight exercises and calisthenics on the floor.

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After my original plan to complete a 30 day bodyweight challenge, I’m still going with it. Oddly enough, I’ve started to enjoy it. At first I was dreading the challenge but somewhere along the way, it started to grow on me.

But this is not just about fitness and working out.

I don’t love the gym, as much as it may seem that I do.

Especially big chain gyms. They are the worst.

Honestly, I don’t even love working out. That may come as a shock also.

What I DO LOVE is the RESULTS.

Overcoming resistance. Transforming my body and mind.

Developing strength and resilience.

It’s also about what I don’t want to be: weak and out of shape.

Thinking back to where I started and how far I’ve come, it makes me realize that we are all capable of MUCH more.

YOU are capable of much more than you realize.

All the excuses you come up with are BS, and you know it

The truth is a tough SOB but we need it.

Not a lot of people want to tell you the straight-up truth.

I will.


Hold yourself to a higher standard.

Don’t compromise for anyone.

My goal is to lift you up not only but giving you a workout plan but by showing you that you can be your OWN inspiration.

You can become a leader in your circle of influence. In your family, with your friends, at work and in your other endeavors.

It all starts in your mind.

Lead by example with your daily habits and actions, not by shouting the loudest.

When you believe in yourself you grow in your role as a leader. People look to you for answers and help.

Embrace it. Accept the challenge.

It’s one of the most rewarding aspects of being a leader.

Life will always throw curveballs at you when you’re expecting a fastball.

You don’t freak-out. You keep your composure and hold the line.

When you develop STRENGTH4LIFE you know that you can handle anything life gives you.

It all starts with your mindset and building those strong habits each and every day.


I just happen to have a program for that right here: LEVEL-UP 45

Level UP 45 is a complete 6 week fitness program that will transform your life.

45 days to focus on becoming the BEST version of yourself.

All bodyweight workouts provided- no gym or equipment required.

3 workouts per week plus two additional cardio/interval sessions per week included.

Nutrition guidance included.

Weekly check-ins with your coach to keep you on track.

All you need to do is bring your effort and stay consistent to improve your life tremendously.

Build physical AND mental strength, along with healthy habits and discipline that carries over into every area of your life