Rope climbing and handstands


Back in elementary school I was filled with DREAD anytime we had to climb the rope in gym class.


Because I couldn’t do it and I was embarrassed!

I couldn’t go chinups either. Not sure which was worse but failing at the rope made you feel exposed. Everyone could see you and that hurt.

Back to the present time.

Now I can go up and down that rope like a man possessed.

Then go do some handstand holds and monkey bars..

It’s not often that I stop and think about how FAR I’ve come, but when I’m writing, sometimes those memories come flooding back.

This past month or so has been some of the most exciting training I’ve done in years.

It’s liberating to be able to do a “program” that is my own creation.

A style of working out that comes from my own experience.

From over 20 years training in different gyms, basements, parks, backyards, playgrounds etc..

To be able to follow your OWN PATH is very fulfilling.

We all have a mission.

What’s yours?

Your purpose may have nothing to do with fitness and strength training- ON THE SURFACE, but I assure you that your training routine plays a KEY ROLE in achieving your highest calling in this life.

Being strong in body and mind is essential to fulfilling your potential.

Without it, you aren’t going to last long.

There’s no guarantees in life regardless, but you and I both know you will ENHANCE your life 1000x by pushing your physical capacity to grow and improve.

What’s the best method?

That’s a topic that varies for everyone.

One thing I know for sure: you must START.

Not only that, but you must be CONSISTENT.

Want help with building that consistency?

45 Days of health and fitness habits starts today: