Self-Reflection is essential for improvement

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The human mind is fascinating.

ESPECIALLY what happens when we go through struggles.

We all know how to handle the good times. No one needs help with that.

How do we deal with the troubling times?

When things aren’t going our way. When life seems to be kicking us while we are down?

This topic is so very interesting to me.

When you are struggling do you look at what you can’t do or what you can do?

We have to look at ourselves with clarity and an open-mind.

Self-awareness is underrated, in my opinion.

Not only being AWARE but also KNOWING when to look at how far you’ve come, what you have endured and the strength you have developed.

And knowing when to look at where you need to go, what needs to be done NOW and what is holding you back from improving.

It’s a fine line.

So much of our lives are determined by what goes on inside our brains and rarely do we learn how to use our minds to their full potential.

Tough love

Sometimes we need tough love. Other times we need to be accepting and forgiving of our faults and failures.

The battle in the mind goes on every day, all day.

We have to get a handle on it.

The only way is to start paying attention.

How do you talk to yourself every day?

What language are you using inside your mind?

Are you consuming the right/wrong information to fuel your mindset?

We can be aware and critical without beating ourselves up.

That’s the fine line.

No when to go and when to back off.

It’s not a perfect science. You need to work at it.

But as is the case with fitness and health, great rewards come from great efforts.

Speaking of effort, are you training hard enough?

Why not?

What’s holding you back?

I want to know. Tell me what’s stopping you in the comment section.

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