Simple workout with a jump rope and bodyweight


We like to complicate things.

What we usually need to do is simplify.

It doesn’t get much more basic than a jump rope.

After many years away from skipping rope, I’m bringing it back.

It feels good too.

Since cancelling my gym membership I have been getting more creative with my workouts, while also keeping things simple.

I have access to free weights at the studio where I train clients but I haven’t been using them.

Right now, I’m on a mission to train outdoors every day. Why? I don’t know really. Sometimes you have to follow your inner guide.

I’ve been listening to my soul. What do I really want to do? How should I challenge myself?

These are all unique to each person.

What I need is different than what you need.

I’m not here to tell everyone to cancel their gym membership and train outside in the winter. Although it’s a good challenge and you might learn something about yourself..

But the point is to follow your own path and to do so first you need to simplify.

Which brings me back to the jump rope workout.

Here’s a few sample workouts from the past few days-

Jump rope/ squat ladders- 50 rope skips followed by bodyweight squats. The reps are “ladders” meaning they go up and/or down.

I did sets of 5,10,15,20,25,30 and then reverse.

Another workout- Calisthenics and carries- Jumping jacks x 25, pushups x 15, loaded carries with weight plates x 4 trips each. Repeat for 10 rounds.

As you can see, not much equipment is required (if any) to get in a quality workout.

Sure, free weights are great and I have written about them a bunch over the past 7 or 8 years but there’s something to be said for doing a workout without any equipment.

It’s empowering in a different way. You can do it anywhere. Of course, this doesn’t mean it’s easy.

That’s why you rarely see someone randomly bust out a set of pushups at the airport or in the office.

If you want to be the strongest version of yourself, doing the hard things becomes your new normal.

Every day you get choices to make.

Go the easy route or the hard route.

What will help you grow into the person you want to be?

You know the answer.

If bodyweight workouts are right up your alley, I have a program for you.

No equipment required: