Strength Essentials Training Log Week 7

Wider-stance squats..

Press still moving up..

Bench slowly but surely, improving...

Daily Dose Deadlift plan continues...

Monday- Press- 160x4, 140x5,5 / Semi-Sumo Deadlift 255 5x1/ BB Curls

Tuesday- Squat 290x1, 265x4,4, 245x5/ Semi-Sumo Deadlift 255 5x1

Wednesday- bike

Thursday- Bench 225x4, 205x4,195x5,185x6/ Press 105 3x6/ Semi-Sumo Deadlift 255 5x1

Friday- Squat 225x3,245x3,225x5,5/ Semi-Sumo Deadlift 305x1, 315 4x1

Bodyweight average for the week= 213lbs.


Press and Bench are getting harder and progress is slow but still moving in the right direction. Better than not at all. Going to keep the reps between 3-6 for the most part here.

Squats are still a work in progress after trying to work around some discomfort in my knee. I'm still searching for the perfect reps with the wider stance and trying different bar placement. Higher bar actually feels better right now with the stance I'm working with.

For the semi-sumo deadlifts I'm really starting to like how these feel. Strong from start to finish. It's funny, some days I just don't feel like doing them again, but I have to stick to the plan.

I committed to this daily dose deadlift plan so I want to see it through. Getting close to the end now. I think it's just 3 more weeks. 

The reps at 315 felt very strong. My MAX at the beginning of  the program was about 355 (without testing it) but at the time I was doing both conventional and sumo, not semi-sumo.

I think my max semi-sumo is around the same so I'm just going with that.

No need to get all caught up in the details.

Just keep pushing/pulling/squatting each week and getting stronger.

One other note not related to training but more on the nutrition side- been having less carbs lately and this has led to some loss of weight.

I was up over 220 for a few weeks and excited about it. Next up was 230 but then I found the Carnivore Diet and Dr. Shawn Baker.. without getting into too much detail this has resonated with me.

I feel best when I eat red meat and white rice.

Reading some of the the stories on people who have healed their body from various problems got me curious.

I have been fighting allergies for awhile now.

The last time I remember not having them bother me was when I went on the keto diet just over a year ago.

All I was eating at the time was meat, eggs, nuts and salads with olive oil.

I lost weight (not my goal) but I felt amazing with no crazy carb cravings, no wild swings during the day of energy, mood etc.. I also had ZERO allergy issues and didn't need to take any anti-histamines..

Just something I've been thinking about.

Goals are to gain size and strength and also to get rid of the allergies...  the challenge is gaining size/strength without the foods that seem to enhance or add to the allergies..

If/when I do change the diet up, I will be sure to document it here as it may prove beneficial to someone out there. You just never know who may gain from reading someone else's story..

I encourage YOU to share your story.

I'm sure you've been through something that would be of great value to someone else who might be struggling with the same problem...

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