Strength Essentials Training Log 4 Day Heavy/Light Split

The quest for a 200lb Overhead Press continues.

4 Day Heavy/light split

Each day has one lift that is heavy. This varies but right now I'm doing one top set anywhere from 1-5 reps then backoff sets with 5-10% less weight for 3-6 reps.

After the heavy exercise I do a light variation.  This is either lighter in terms of weight,volume or a different exercise that is lighter by its nature. (front squat, incline bench..)

Monday- Press- 175x1, 155x6,6, 150x6/ Close-grip Bench 205 3x5

Tuesday- Squat 300x1, 275x4,4,4, 265x4 / Semi-sumo Deadlift 275x1, 265x3,3,3

Wednesday- bodyweight exercises

Thursday- Bench- 235x4,(PR) 225x4, 4, 215x5/ Press 130x7, 7, 115x7

Friday- Squat 235 3x5/ Sumo Deadlift 255x2, 275x2, 255 3x3

Saturday- bodyweight exercises

The Press is getting close to max territory now. Feels good to put that weight overhead.

Squat is still a work in progress, trying to get my form as close to perfect as I can.

Bench PR felt solid. The most I ever benched was 275 about 7-8 years ago. Slowly working my way back up after many setbacks with shoulder injuries.

Sumo DL felt very powerful. I moved my feet out just a little bit and got some solid leverage and power. I'm going to use that stance more often going forward.

Wednesday and Saturday are quick bodyweight workouts. These serve two purposes: get into the gym to keep the habit going; and get the body moving in a full range of motion.

I feel my days are more productive and focused when I go to the gym daily even if I'm not lifting hard and heavy each day.

Bodyweight is hovering around 210. It's time to take it to another level. Gaining muscle mass will help me gain strength and it's a goal I have always wanted. I'm 39 years of age and still not there yet.

I don't think I will ever be "there" honestly. Something inside me always needs a new challenge and goal.

Thanks for reading.

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