Who is counting on you to be STRONG?


Do you have anyone in your life that is counting on you?

Think about that person or those people for a moment..

What do they need from you?

They need you to be strong.

Of course, they may need you to be many other things also, but without STRENGTH nothing else matters.

This does NOT mean maximal strength lifting heavy ass weights for a 1 rep max in the gym. Far from it.

The strength your people need from you goes way beyond how much you can bench press.

They need you to be a light in the darkness.

The man who rises up when times get rough.

It’s up to YOU.

Only you can become strong for them.

No one is going to hold your hand.

You know this but yet, you pause. You wait.. you don’t take it seriously. You think there’s always another day to work on it.

What if there isn’t?

Yes, that’s a tough reality check but we all need it.

It’s better to be REAL than avoid the truth. No matter how hard it is.

So remember those who rely on your strength.

All the work you do in your training is for you first, but it’s also for them.

Get after it.


Need to stay on track?

Of course you do. We all need a good kick in the rear now and again.

That’s why I created the


The time is NOW- you never know when you will need to be stronger mentally and physically and by then it might be too late.