Opportunities Every Day to BUILD Yourself UP

Waiting for the coffee to brew...


Squat-to-stand dynamic stretch..


Prime the mind with powerful thoughts, images and ideas..

You can't let anything become an excuse.

Some people may ask why it matters?

It's just one day.. one missed workout..

But if you let yourself get away with being weak and soft, it turns into a habit.

That's why it's so important to do the HARD SHIT.

Do THE THING you do NOT want to DO.

That "THING" is going to lift you up to a level you never knew existed OR it can bring you down..keep you stuck..


good enough..

just a little better than normal..

If that's what you want then that's what you'll get.

WHEN you want MORE, (and it IS TOTALLY OK to want MORE)

you gotta want it bad.

Not just kinda sorta sure it would be cool and I want to get to a higher level and be looked up to by others..


You gotta want it BAD.

Your WHY has to be stronger than you excuses.

It's simple. Brutally honest.

basic. fundamental. crystal clear and focused.

Yet, not many want to do the hard shit.

Who wants to get up an hour early to endure physical pain?

Not many want to train the mind to go beyond what is comfortable.. to constantly strive to achieve..

To crave that process.. that struggle..the challenge that gives you a rare RESULT.

Yes, you train the physical.. but it's not just for looks. This is about achieving whatever you feel CALLED to in your life.

It's going to take hard-fucking work. Sacrifice.

Falling down and getting back up. Again and again.

Example: After completing my workout and walk this morning, I had a choice of going up the stairs or the sand hill.

My mind said "the stairs are easier"...

There's a split-second where you go with the easy route or do what is harder.

Today I said, fuck that, I'm running up the hill.

Every one of those little moments COUNTS.

They all add up each day.

DO NOT overlook them.

Let them build on each other.

They will BUILD you UP.

Into who you are TRULY capable of BECOMING.

This isn't about changing into someone you are not.

The power is within you.

Maybe no one ever told you that.

You have been called weak. Lazy. A piece of garbage..

Whatever the case may be, you are the ONE who decides if you choose the weak path or the STRONG path of resistance..

It comes down to those tiny moments every single day.

Waiting for your significant other to get ready to go out?

Do some pushups.

Got an hour lunch break?

Take a brisk walk and sprint a few times. Use the rest of the break to eat your lunch.

Shopping at the mall? Park as far away as possible and do a set of jumping jacks when you get out of the car.

Get creative with it.

There's endless opportunities to make yourself better.. to build your own STRENGTH in your mind and body.

Brushing your teeth? Do 10 bodyweight squats.

Want a custom program that you can start immediately to build up your mental AND physical strength with minimal equipment?

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