The Essentials of Nutrition Simplified

strength essentials 716 grilling ribeye steaks

strength essentials 716 grilling ribeye steaks

Are you confused by all the diet advice out there?

The fitness and diet industry are HUGE business and they may not always have your best interest in mind.

Where does that leave you?

With information overload, not sure what is good for you and what isn't..

This article is for you.

To make it clear what you should focus on regarding your nutrition.

I want to help make your life easier.

You have enough to worry about, the last thing you should be confused and stressed about is your nutrition.

Let's get right to it.

The Essentials of Nutrition

or pen/paper to write down everything you eat/drink for a week.

  • Calorie maintenance level- If you are not gaining/losing weight, the amount of calories you recorded for a week is your calorie maintenance level.


  • Adjust up or down as needed by 300-500 per day- If you want to lose fat, drop your calorie total for the day down by 300-500 calories per day.


  • More protein, less simple carbs, more healthy fats generally- Most people eat too many simple carbs (bread, cereal, bagels, pasta), not enough protein (meat, eggs, seafood, dairy) and not enough healthy fats (salmon, seafood, beef, olive oil, avocado)


  • Less calories in drinks- Try to get all your calories from foods and none from drinks. Stick to water and tea/coffee without a ton of extra sugar/creamers


  • Food prep- Make it easier to stick to the plan all week by having meals ready to go.


  • Grocery shopping- make a grocery list and stick to it. Prep some meals for the week to keep you on target and avoid ordering take-out, frozen dinners


  • Fail to plan/plan to fail- Without a plan it will be harder to succeed. Make a list, stick to it, prepare meals in advance.


  • Rid the house of trigger foods- If you can't resist certain foods, get them out of the house.


  • Give yourself a break every now and again- You don't need perfection to get results with your nutrition. Give yourself a break once a week or two.


Master the fundamentals before you worry about the minutiae.

I hope this helps simplify nutrition for you.


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