Strength Training Log Week 3- Daily Deadlift Plan

Training Log Week 3


Monday - Press 130x7, 115x7/ Deadlift 265 4x1

Tuesday- Squat 305x1, 285x5/ Deadlift 265 5x1

Wednesday- Deadlift 265 5x1/ Bike

Thursday- Bench 205x5, 195x5,5/ Press 120x5, 115x5/ Sumo Deadlift 245 5x1

Friday- Front Squat 115x5, 125x5, 135x5, 150x5, 135x5/ Deadlift 265 5x1

Sat- Bike


  • Started the Daily Dose Deadlift plan as outlined in THIS ARTICLE

The plan has you lift a fairly light weight (75% of max) for most of the days. It feels very light. It should help build up my back strength without making it too sore which seems to happen when I go heavier for one top set. So far I like it. The sumo deadlift day felt the heaviest.

I had been pulling sumo for the past few months. There's benefit to doing both. Next week I may add in some snatch-grip deadlifts one of the days also.

  • Front squats are back in the mix. They are one of my favorite lifts and used to be very strong on them until my shoulder injury made holding the bar in the front squat position impossible.

After reading The Case for Front Squats by Andy Baker  , I was inspired to bring them back into my training.

I use straps to grip the bar which takes stress off the elbows, wrist and shoulders. There's a great article about how to use straps for front squats here

The weight was light enough to nail my form and work the movement without getting too sore from them the first time out.

I'm not opposed to pushing these really hard but with the new daily deadlift plan I thought it would be wise to ease into these without adding too much in one week.

  • Squat day- Made a mistake after my top set of 5 reps. I was supposed to do 2 more sets but I forgot and went right to the deadlift.

Not the end of the world. Just keep on pushing forward and working on getting stronger.

  • Bench felt heavier than expected at 205 but got one more rep than the previous week.
  • Press weight increased and got 7 reps instead of 8 so I will add another 5 lbs. next week and aim for 7 reps with that weight.

Each lift is following a different program right now. For the press I am going down from 8 reps to 3 over multiple weeks.

Goal for the press is 200 lbs for a single.

For the squat and  bench press I am sticking to the 3-5 rep range.

This seems to work well for me with benching as too many reps fatigues me and I have a hard time keeping my upper back tight for that long which puts my shoulder into a more dangerous position.

I also don't like maxing out on bench press as I feel it's unnecessary and I've hurt my shoulders countless times doing that over the years. Older and wiser? haha

For the deadlift I am following the daily dose deadlift plan for 45 days. I started the program with a 355 lb deadlift max. My goal is to pull 375-385 at the end of this plan.

That's it for my week. I didn't push the sled at all this week as I was letting my body get acclimated to the extra pulling volume and all the shoveling I had to do also.

Any questions about your own training program, don't hesitate to shoot me a message. I live for this stuff!