Strength Training Log - Week 4 Squats, Daily Dose Deadlift, Press, Bench

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Hey guys! I hope you had a good week training, eating and living large. I had a solid week. Hit the gym each day I was scheduled to. Trained as best I could and tried to eat according to my goals.

Here's the rundown---

Monday- Press- 145x1, 135x7, 125x7, 7 / Deadlift 265 4x1

Didn't wear my belt on the Press. If I did I think I would have hit the 135 for two more sets of 7. Either way, it's an increase again.  Deadlift felt heavy so did just 4 not 5 singles.

Tuesday- Squat 290x4, 275x4, 255x5/ Deadlift 285 5x1

Squat felt heavier than expected but got in the volume required with the backoff sets. This was day 7 of the daily dose deadlift plan which called for an increase in the % from 75 up to 80. Not heavy at all. Solid day.

Wednesday- bike/ Sumo DL 245 5x1

Fatigue kicking in. Even 245 felt heavy which it's not at all. My sumo max is 355. All part of the program and adaptation.

Thursday- Bench 210x5, 200x5, 195x5/ Press 135x2, 115x5,5 / Deadlift 265 5x1

Hit a good set of 5 reps on the bench. The reps started to slow at the 4th-5th reps. Up another 5 lbs. which is good. Going for 215 for 5 next week.

Friday- Squat 225 3x5, Deadlift 265 5x1, RDL 135x10

Light squats instead of front squats. I tried the fronts but the bar was bothering my right shoulder (even with straps) so I shifted gears and went for some regular low-bar squats without a belt instead. Felt good to go lighter and really crank up the speed/explosiveness of each rep.

RDL's felt good. Eager to do more of them but also cognizant of the total deadlift volume each week even though it's a lighter weight.

Sat- bike

Overall a good week. Moving along with each lift progressing in its own way.