Strength Training Log Month 2 - Daily Dose Dealift

Another solid week of training. Made a few adjustments along the way.

Press and Bench are moving up.

Daily dose deadlift plan still in effect. Mixed in some semi-sumo and snatch-grip deadlift variations.

I really like the semi-sumo. Feels very powerful and fluid throughout the movement. Snatch-grip DL smoked my upper back and had it sore the next day or two.

Played around with my bar position and stance on squats. My right knee was bothering me so I moved my feet out wider, which helped.

Here's the week in review-

Monday- Press 140x6,6,125x7/ Deadlift 265 5x1/ Barbell curls 2x8

Tuesday- Squat (high bar) 285x3,260x4,245x5,5/ Sumo DL 225,245,245, Snatch-grip RDL- 185, 205x5

Weds- Deadlift 265 4x1/ BIke

Thurs- Bench 215x5, 200x5, 195x5/ Press 110 3x6/ Semi-Sumo DL 255 5x1

Fri- Squat (wide) 215x3,225x3, 205 3x5, DL 295 5x1

Notes-- I like to throw in some barbell curls every now and again.Light weight, squeeze the muscle and get some blood flow.

I thought I would have been able to handle much more on the high-bar squat but it was my knee bothering me which I later resolved by moving my feet out wider.

Wide-stance squats feel powerful, just need to work on them more to allow my hips/groin to handle more weight as it's quite the stretch if you're not used to it.

Tip- when moving hand or foot position closer or wider, always start with small movements. Don't go from close to super wide and vice versa. Common sense but I've made that mistake a few times and I hope I've finally learned!

Overall a good week. Everything moving in the right direction.

If you guys have any questions don't hesitate to ask.

I hope you learned something from all my training logs. for questions/concerns.

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