Who else wants to get lean and mean in 2019?


About ten years ago I made a New Year's Resolution..

It was my last.

Guess what it was...

Maybe you guessed it had something to do with fitness..




Strength training?


My last New Year's resolution was to NEVER make a resolution again.

As you know by now, I'm a little nutty..

Maybe a lot nutty.. but who cares.. better to be nuts than boring right?!

So why did I make that resolution?

Because I got sick and tired of people saying they were going to do something just because of a "new year" and never following through.

Myself included.

I'm no saint. I'm just as human as you.

So that year was a big wake-up call for me.

No more waiting for the "perfect" day to start something.

You don't need a holiday or special day to begin a new healthy habit.

How is January 1 going to change your bad habits any more than March 15?

The time is NOW.

Forget new years. Make that resolution today!

What is it you need to do but you haven't been able to do yet?

Get to work on it today. No more waiting for that special day on a calendar.

If you need help, check out my daily workout plan-


Today you can do a quick bodyweight workout
Tomorrow lift some weights
Sunday do some cardio/conditioning

It's all there for you. Just follow along and choose your own adventure.