Training Log 1/29-2/3/18

Monday- Press Day

Press- 155x1, 125x8,115x8/  Chinups- neutral-grip 7,6,6

Tuesday- Squat Day

Squat 295x1, 275x5,5, 265x5/ Romanian Deadlift 155 3x5

Weds.- bike 30 minutes

Thurs- Bench day

205x4, 185x5,195x5/ Press 115x5,125x5,135x5

Friday- Deadlift day

Squat 255 2x5/ Sumo DL 275x1 ,295x1 ,315x1, 285x1, 245x3

Sat- bike 20 minutes

Solid week of training. Had some odd shoulder pain Tuesday that I attribute to the neutral-grip chinups, which used to be the best variation for me but aren't right now. Your body changes, you grow, adapt, evolve. What once worked may not work for you anymore.

After a few days my shoulder was fine.

Increased the weights on all the big movements. Altered my plan of going for 8 reps on each exercise. Only the Press feels good with 8 reps. 5's for squat and bench and real low reps for deadlifts.

Since the chin-ups bothered my shoulder (my good shoulder!) I'm going to sub in some rows next week for some upper body assistance work.

In my experience, assistance work is overrated but many people want to talk about it and obsess over it. INCLUDING ME! haha.

All the extra stuff IS fun to talk about but really 80-90% of your results will come from the big barbell movements.

You like chinups? Do them.

Prefer db rows? Great, do them.

It doesn't really matter in the big picture of your training life.

GOALS for next week- 

  • Increase weights by 5 lbs. on Press, Squat, Bench. Sub in conventional deadlifts for Sumo.
  • Start
    Daily Dose Deadlift plan
  • Get stronger while remaining injury-free.
  • Gain muscle mass- (1 lb. per week)

-----Daily Dose Deadlift Plan - The deadlift is an interesting beast. It takes its toll on my low back if I do too much but I need to do it so I can keep my groove with the lift.

I've been playing with many different strategies for the past few months and both my sumo and conventional seem to be stuck.

I wanted a plan that would help improve my deadlift without overtaxing my low back. This plan has you deadlifting submax weights (75%) most days- 5 days per week.

Once I commit, I follow it through to the end. I'll be documenting the plan as I go.

Let me know if there's something you'd like me to cover and maybe I'll include it in my next post.

Just shoot me an email here-