Daily Habits that build your physical AND mental strength


Who are you when no one is around?

We are often told that we are defined by our relationships.

That’s true but we often overlook who we are when we are alone.

What do we choose to do when no one is watching?

These actions, habits, and patterns of behavior define us.

For example- today I had no “real” responsibilities this morning.

I could have slept in, relaxed, watch tv etc..

Now, there’s nothing wrong with a little rest and relaxation. Don’t get the message twisted.

My point is I know I needed to get up and get to work on my daily writing, daily walk and my outdoor workout.

Once those tasks are completed, then I can lay off the gas a little bit.

Maybe I will watch some football. Hang with the family etc..

There’s no one watching me to make sure I do what needs to be done.

No one at the park to get me pumped up for my workout.

That’s one reason I cancelled my gym membership after 20 years in gyms. Having other people at the gym working out was always a bit of motivation.

I didn’t train to impress anyone but most of us go into a gym and we will push a little harder than if we are alone with our training.

That fact made me realize it was time to listen to my instinct and leave the comfort of the gym walls and take my training outside in the middle of winter in WNY.

The gym may seem like an intimidating place, and it can be.

In the early years I was always nervous going into the gym. It took YEARS before I ever got totally comfortable.

What you need to do is find where your comfort level is, and get OUT of it. That’s what this new evolution of my strength journey is all about.

Your strength journey is unique to you.

Find your own standard. Meet it. Go beyond it.

You aren’t comparing yourself to anyone else. It’s you vs. you.

Are you getting better today?

Are you improving each week? Every month?

That’s all you need to know.

Your daily habits need to reflect who you truly want to be.

None of us are perfect. We all screw up.

You just keep going. Brush yourself off and get back after it.

Build your physical AND mental strength while no one is looking.



Rebel fitness was born- from 20 years of experience training in gyms.

Daily workouts to keep you disciplined.

You don’t need REST days.

You need accountability and consistency.

Each day you will do something physical.

This program is my solution for your boredom and plateaus.

No longer will you get STUCK because you aren’t limited to just squats, bench and deadlifts.

If you aren’t making progress in one area, there are other areas you will attack.

This plan makes sure you are always improving on SOMETHING.

Constant and never-ending improvement (kaizen) is motivating.

Your confidence will rise as you train your body AND mind to become the strongest version of yourself.

This program is for you if you are a different breed. You walk to the beat of your own drum.

You walk the road LESS traveled.

Where everyone else goes, you go the opposite way.

That’s one element that has defined my life. Never following the herd. Always making my own way. That’s what this plan is all about.

For you if you can never stick with a program for long.

You wonder why others get such great results where you don’t.

Most workout programs don’t excite you.

You need something that allows you some flexibility and freedom to work around your busy lifestyle.

Yet you also need a little structure to keep you focused and on target with your goals.

REBEL FITNESS is for you.

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